Cause Connectors

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Because  : Each of the following conjunctions introduces a clause stating cause (a reason). A clause by definition has a (subject + verb). The cause-clause may occur before or after the effect-clause.
     …..because + subject + verb

examples of questions

1.Anita went inside because it was raining.

2.Paul cannot go to the foot ballgame because his grades.

3.Putri was awarded a scholarship because her superior scholastic ability.

4.Joy was worried because it had started to rain.


Because of : Each of these preposition-like expressions introduces a clause  stating cause (a reason). The preposition is followed by noun  or pronoun. The cause- clause may occur before or after the effect-clause     

     ……because of + noun (phrase)

examples of questions

1.We decided to leave early because of the party is boring.

2.The students arrived late because of the traffic jam.

3.The school were closed because of snow.

4.I was late because of you. 


kamus inggris Indonesia john m.Echols dan Hassan shadily


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